About us

AboutBukidnon” is the gateway for all-in-one lifestyle and travel guide here in the province. It is a platform that introduces Bukidnon’s vast array of cultural heritage that can offer to the world.

Established in August 2019, this is the number 1 site for travel hacks as you ascend and descend to the lovely mountains of the food basket capital of Northern Mindanao, Bukidnon. With forest tall and grand the memories woven out from the vibrant culture of the province is greatly highlighted in every written pages of the articles provided. The harmonious interaction of the guests and content creators open the doors for a much more wider understanding towards the opportunities they can enjoy and for them to appreciate the unique lifestyle of Bukidnon.

Current trends of this generation plays a vital role in projecting the best information it can provide. From tatak Bukidnon most visited places, unique delicacies, events, services and also new discoveries. Collaborations of content creators in all walks of life paints a whole new perspective in the province as projected in the featured articles. The team bring only one name and independently stand for “AboutBukidnon”.

The calibrated scope of the contents released encompasses the festivity and positivity of Bukidnon’s rich culture. The team is driven by their desire to maximize the potential of technology that will impact the tourism and also the awareness of the world towards Bukidnon culture. This platform serves to showcase timely and relevant articles that would provide you the reason to say that it is a must-see and must-experience Bukidnon— as it presents “Banuwa ko” (My home) of which you can feel the warm embrace of the people, the cold breeze of a healthy environment and its vibrant cultural heritage.