Attraction Sagada feels at Mt. Pinulutan in Brgy. Mapulo, Malaybalay...

Sagada feels at Mt. Pinulutan in Brgy. Mapulo, Malaybalay City


Barangay Mapulo Bukidnon. Planning for a trip to Sagada but ended up having your travel money spent on drinking instead? As they say, with heavy drinking comes with maraming pulutan. And oh boy, binge boozing these days will cost you a fortune. As you drink your woes away, your Sagada initiative slowly turns into dust like a re-enactment of Thanos’ ultimate snap.

Located in Brgy. Mapulo at Malaybalay City, Mt. Pinulutan offers you the that grandiose jaw-dropping experience without having to stray very far away from home. Given that you have a limited budget after all that drinking, you don’t have to spend a lot just to witness that glorious tapestry woven by nature.

So sober up, buttercup! There’s an ocean of clouds waiting for you.


Well there are two ways to get there, the easy way and the easier way.

The former, you can ask for directions from the city Tourism Office, just like any normal, playing safe travelers. The latter, if you’re already familiar with Brgy. Mapulo, you can proceed directly to the barangay hall.

Barangay Mapulo Bukidnon is less than 2 hours away from the city proper. Bus/Jeep fare to Brgy. Mapulo ranges from 60php to 100php per person.

If you’re on your way back to the city proper, you must put in mind that the first trip is at 9am and the last one departs at 2:30pm. If you’re bad at numbers but you have your own vehicle, you don’t have to take note of this.


To make the most out of the trip, an overnight stay is highly suggested. Wouldn’t it be nice to go camping to detoxify your mental state? City life must be exhausting. It’s good for you to take a break every now and then. You may also spice up your camping experience with your companions by telling spooky stories that will surely give you the heebie-jeebies.

And for the main event, the sea of clouds, it’s advised to start the climb at 4:00am for a 30 minutes or an hour trek to the top.

Also, make sure to bring enough food, water and pocket money with you throughout the trip. Thick clothes is also a must to avoid getting itched up by grasses.

Reminders: A reservation must be made a week ahead the trip by contacting the Barangay Captain’s office (09103376910).

Other reminders might be to take a lot of pictures, don’t liter up and for heaven’s sake, please don’t start a fire.

Big thanks to Rhudyard Alvizo Jr for the nice photos.



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